Zayandehrood Dam Manager:

The output of Zayandehrood dam decreased

The director of operation and maintenance of Zayandehrood and Koohrang dams and power plants said: the output of Zayandehrood dam decreased from the first hours of May 26th.

According to the public relations of Isfahan Regional Water Company, on the 7th of Ordibehesht, Dr. Seyed Mojtaba Mousavi Naeini announced this news: Today, the water volume of Zayandehrood Dam is 359 million cubic meters and this volume is 7% less than last year.

He added: "In the long run, the volume of water stored in the reservoir of Zayandehrud dam was 906 million cubic meters, which shows a 60% decrease this year."

Director of Operation and Maintenance of Zayandehrood and Koohrang Dam and Power Plants, stating that the amount of rainfall in Koohrang has been recorded so far is 1,190 mm, noting that rainfall increased by 47% compared to the same time last year and 8% compared to The long-term average has declined.

Mousavi Naeini, pointing out that the normal capacity of the Zayandehrood Dam reservoir is 1 billion and 239 million cubic meters, said: "Currently, the water storage capacity is about 359 million cubic meters, in other words, the volume of water stored in the dam reservoir is about 29 percent." Its capacity.

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  News Date : 2022-05-01



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